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Welcome Artinium Clients!

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We firmly believe in the value of good customer relations.  You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help someone cross the street?  We get that all the time. We’ll hold your hand as you cross over into the ever-changing world of technology, the Internet, and yes, even those cat memes.

Meet the DocWeb Team

Meet the docWeb Team

We're here to serve you.



We give you our personal cell numbers so you can reach us at any time.  Obviously, we prefer you call us during our normal working hours (Monday through Friday, 9-5:30pm EST); but if you’re in a bind, we’ll always put in the overtime.

Custom Web Design

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We build our custom websites from scratch with our clients satisfaction at the forefront. We want you to be proud of your website and we do everything we can to bring your ideas to reality.

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What Our Clients Say

Your support continues to be excellent...couldn't

 be happier with you guys.


A. Friedman

Co-Owner Robert Andrews

Thanks for everything

I appreciate all you do....always!



Manager, Mattress World

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