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Maintaining your website with DocWeb is incredibly easy! If you don’t have the technical knowledge to host and update your website on your own, we can help. Anytime you want to make a change to your site, all you need to do is email our maintenance team at Our team can make most changes within 2 business days. Best of all, you won’t risk breaking your website by trying to change it yourself.

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Hosting Only Standard Maintenance Pay-As-You-Go Gold Maintenance
Hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes
How many changes can I make? None 10 hours/quarter Unlimited Unlimited
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Priority Service No No No Yes*
Price $140/year $149/month $95/hour, must purchase in 5 hour blocks $475 $399/month

*Priority Service includes expedited service on all requests and phone support for additional ease in requesting and clarifying maintenance tasks.


All Website Maintenance Plans Include:

  • Website hosting
  • Quality review and testing in our development environment to reduce errors and ensure a successful launch in commonly used web browsers.
  • Full back up copy of your website
  • Friendly and personal service
  • Basic data collection with Google Analytics
  • Frequent site review to ensure compliance with the most recent web standard protocols
  • Safe and secure website contact forms (SSL certificate not included)


If you would like to change your maintenance plan or upgrade your website security with an SSL certificate, please contact


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