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A logo is a unique symbol of your business and brand. Defining your brand identity can be intimidating, but our team of designers and marketing experts can help you create an effective and powerful logo that will speak to your audience. Our branding team at DocWeb understands how important it is to differentiate your business from the competition with a unique visual identity.


Logo creation and development is the first step in our branding process and we devote considerable time when designing a logo to fit your business. The logo will help drive our creative team forward when creating your website, influencing the colors and even the font choices used on your site.


Logo design for Brand Recognition

Web Design for BRand Reinforcement

Logo Redesign

We offer three individualized branding solutions for your business depending on your current needs. If you have a logo that you already love, that’s okay! We won’t change a thing. Our team will re-draw your current logo as it is and convert it to a vector image that will be more versatile and easy-to-use across all digital and in-print platforms. If your current design could use a little refreshing, we can update the image with our basic logo design option incorporating your preferred colors and finding an image that closely matches your goals. Of course if you’re looking for a completely custom logo design we can help with that too! Our team will work with you to come up with a design that matches your vision from scratch.