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Case study: Parkers Accounting

Parkers Accounting


Taking new trends into account.


Abstract: Parkers Accounting is an accounting firm located in Bow, NH run by Lisa Bybee who provides a variety of services from accounting to fraud investigation. We had the opportunity to work with Lisa to create a new logo for her and redesign her website.

parkers accounting logo

Introduction/Overview: We first met Lisa Bybee at a tradeshow here in New Hampshire. She approached us to inquire about a website and decided to make a purchase. After reviewing her website, we found that Lisa was using an outdated platform that was not mobile friendly or

up-to-date on the latest trends. Lisa was originally on a four page Wordpress site which was missing meta descriptions and her page titles were missing location information, we also saw flaws in the navigation and usability of her site.


Along with her website we also determined her logo was outdated and it was time for a new one. Her original logo was a text based design that used a futuristic-like font. She did have a simple “PA” design in a box with the same typeface as the rest of her font, but it was hardly legible because it was black text on a maroon box. These elements didn’t allow us to bring her current logo into the site as an added graphic element to aid her brand. Once the logo was complete we could then move onto revamping the website and tying all the pieces together.



  • Match the logo and web design to current trends.
  • Redefine the Parker’s Accounting brand.
  • Update the web platform to be mobile-friendly.
  • Improve the user experience and the navigation.
  • Set up the proper SEO architecture, including page titles, descriptions and other metadata.


How did we do it?

  • Logo - Once we talked to Lisa about establishing a new logo, the process wasn’t as smooth as we had hoped. Lisa was very overwhelmed by the process because she was unsure of exactly what she wanted and was struggling to come up with a concept. That's where we stepped in. After several revisions and different designs were presented, Lisa was ready to give up but we didn’t want her to lose sight of the final goal. We scrapped all of our designs and returned to square one. We reintroduced different logo examples and concepts until it finally clicked for her. She now has a new logo with a fresh twist on her old design that she loves!
  • Website - Once Lisa signed off on her new logo we started the design of her website. She purchased our small business package which included a ten-page website and the choice of one-of-four wireframes as inspiration. We pulled typography and colors from her new logo and injected them into the site to bring her revamped branding full circle. Lisa was overjoyed with the end result and finally able to be proud of her online presence.


Results: We love our small businesses and see Parkers Accounting as a big success story. Not only did we create a modern logo and website to bring our client up with current trends, but Lisa was overly thrilled and impressed by her new designs. She relayed to us that her friends and family all said that it would be too much money and too much work, but her experience with us was quite the opposite and now all her friends want a website too!


The Data: We did not have the analytics for Parkers Accounting’s old site so the data is currently limited because the new site hasn’t been up very long. So far the average visitor went to 4.58 pages per session, spent 3:49 minutes on the website, and it has had 69 visitors. We’re off to a good start and expect these numbers to continue to improve.


Conclusion: Being one of our first small business clients this project was hugely successful. We reached all of our goals to: bring the website and logo up-to- date with current trends, redefine the Parkers Accounting brand, make the new site mobile friendly, improve the UX/UI and improve navigation, and set up the proper SEO architecture including page: titles, descriptions, and other meta information. With the new SEO structure in place we do plan on Parkers Accounting doing well in organic search results and getting more site traffic.