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Case study: Juicilicious



A juicy new website.


Abstract: Juicilicious is a juicing company run by Andrea Martin. Her new spot recently opened in Salem, NH across the street from our office. They offer a variety of organic juices, smoothies and acai bowls and needed a website to help promote them along with their business.

juicilicious logo

Introduction/Overview: Juicilicious is a brand-new company that opened in July 2017 right across the street from our building. The owner, Andrea, came to us for a website a few months before opening. We love working with small businesses and of course welcomed the opportunity to work with her! Andrea had already established a logo that she loved and wanted to use, so our task was to create a website that followed the brand she had already begun. She wanted her website to reflect the upbeat and inviting personality of her logo. She also wanted it to reflect the earthy feel and sustainable lifestyle she is upholding with her brand.



  • Create a beautiful, functioning website that can be used on multiple devices.
  • Incorporate the customer's current branding into her new website.
  • Accurately follow the vision of our client for her brand.
  • Set up the proper SEO architecture, include page titles, descriptions and other metadata.


How did we do it?

  • Website - Andrea selected our small business package and chose our Kamdar wireframe but wanted it modified to fit her aesthetic. We used the same colors as her logo throughout her site for brand cohesiveness. We also tried to incorporate the logo itself in as many areas as possible to help remind her viewers of her brand often. When choosing imagery we wanted to reflect the freshness of the fruits and veggies Andrea was using and also include wood grain and textures to reflect the interior of the shop. We were able to launch her site a few weeks before she opened her new shop allowing customers to view her menu and learn her brand before they tried her product.


Results: Juicilicious has been the most successful small business package we have worked on to date. Andrea

loves her new site and approved very quickly. She was extremely responsive in providing content and feedback which made for a smooth site build. The site came out great and we’re very happy we could set her up for a successful business open.


The Data: With a new site it takes time to gather data on how the site is performing. To see upward or downward trends we need the site to be live for a few months. With that said, Juicilicious is off to a great start. The site has been live for a month (7/4/17) and the bounce rate is low, viewers are spending over two minutes on the site and viewing 2.79 pages.


Conclusion: Juicilicious was a very successful project and we are very happy to be able to support local small businesses. Here at DocWeb we reached our goal to create a modern, adaptive website that follows the client’s brand and vision, and has the appropriate SEO architecture. We’ve heard from Andrea since the opening and she says that business is going well. We’re predicting that Juicilicious’ new site remains on an upward trend and continues to gather more visitors.


juicilicious logo